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ATrack Consulting is an asset tracking and recovery company. Our main focus is on tracking and recovering a wide array of unclaimed assets for individuals and companies all across America. With our experience, expertise and genuine desire to benefit our clients, we make the process of recovering and claiming lost property simple and painless.

Our approach when dealing with our clients can be summed up in one word: EXCELLENCE! Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our company, industry and our culture. We look forward to being of service.

Our main goal is to make the claiming of your lost or abandoned property simple and painless. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

STEP 1: We Contact and Send You the Appropriate Forms:

Once you receive a phone call from an Account Manager of ATrack Consulting to establish that you are the proper owner or beneficiary of unclaimed property, we will then make arrangements to have the permission authorization form emailed, faxed or mailed via U.S. Postal Service to you.

STEP 2: Return the Signed Authorization:

Once you have signed the authorization form, we recommend that you email it directly to the Account Manager that contacted you. This will ensure that we receive the authorization in a timely manner so we can get to work on your account. Your Account Manager will then sign the authorization and return a fully executed copy to your attention.

STEP 3: We Will Confirm the Receipt of the Authorization:

The Account Manager will contact you within 1 or 2 business days after receiving the authorization to confirm receipt. At this point, depending on the source of the unclaimed assets, we might need an additional Power of Attorney which is specific to claiming the lost property. Your Account Manager will take care of getting this form to you. Also, if we’re dealing with property that belonged to an individual who is now deceased, we will need a certified death certificate. If a certified copy isn’t available, ATrack Consulting will make the arrangement to obtain a certified Death Certificate on your behalf.

STEP 4: We Begin the Filing Process:

Once all the proper documentation has been received by ATrack Consulting, we will begin the claiming process. Depending on the custodian or source of the unclaimed assets this process can take 4-8 weeks to receive payment depending on the type of asset and the custodian agency.

STEP 5: Payment:

Depending on the type of property/asset being recovered, the custodian of the funds could pay ATrack Consulting directly. In case, ATrack will deposit the recovered funds into our account and within 7 business days disburse the funds to our client minus our commission. In the event that the custodian pays our clients directly, we will be made aware that the payment has been made and we will then invoice our client.

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