Your Privacy

Nothing is more important to us than the trust of our clients. We take great measures to ensure that our client’s personal information is stored securely.

Although we can’t eliminate paper documentation entirely, we only hold paper documentation until our client’s claims are paid out or until it has been determined that there aren’t any assets to be recovered. At this point, all paper documentation is scanned and uploaded to our secure, off-site , servers to be archived. Once the uploading has been completed, we shred all paper files. This eliminates any risk of files being lost, stolen or misplaced.

Furthermore, all employees and staff of ATrack Consulting are required to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding any information they obtain while working with ATrack Consulting.

We are and independent company without affiliation or connection with any other company or organization. Your information stays with us and we never share, exchange or sell any type of information to marketing firms or any other type company.

Your information is safe with ATrack Consulting!

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